Uniform, Peabody, Jackson&Harris
Uniform, 2017 Peabody St Johns Hill Estate, Clapham, London.

The four relief sculptures found on phase one of the redevelopment of the Peabody St Johns Hill Estate in Clapham, London, celebrate the philanthropy of  the founder George Peabody, his unique values and how that translated into life on the original estate.  They explore the history and the presence of memories from the original 1930's estate. 

The Uniform relief sculpture represents the moral code tenants had to adhere to in order to gain a home.

How natural light falls on the works determines their clarity, so as light changes throughout the day the sculptures appear more or less defined, this contributes to their sense of being traces of history.

Each of the images were developed following workshops, discussions and events with tenants and local people and attempt to give a flavour of what life was like when the estate was built. Each work is placed in a suitable context and location to reflect its original purpose and to develop a Sculpture trail throughout the site.

Uniform In Situ 2
Valda With Uniform
Uniform. Valda Jackson with Uniform.